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Frequently Asked Questions

Very different. Tradezilla is a community of traders and would be traders who will help shape your ideas on how to invest. You then chose Bamboo or Rise or Chaka or Trove to go and execute those trades. 

To be part of that community, the subscription helps support the development of the platform products and community. The free exchanging of ideas and trading strategies. It’s a learning platform. 

Yup. You can see the debate and then decide whether you want to trade on your account. I share my trading positions and others share their own. Together we learn and then earn. 

It’s up to you. Whatever you can afford.

Founder and the person responding to general support queries. I create communities and feel as a long term trader I am in a position to try and spark this one. I am in.

That’s exactly what the community is for. Learning together. We are a community of people who trade, we are not a platform so irrespective of where you trade we see here to guide & help you 

We don’t invest on your behalf. We are a community of investors / traders who discuss different investment options and strategies (based on your risk appetite) of which you are able to tap into that knowledge base to develop your own wealth management approach. We have representatives of all the major wealth management platforms (Rise / Chaka / Bamboo / Trove) there so you can ask them questions directly for further input.

For what? Tradezilla? Nope. Its a virtual community.

We discuss and exchange trading ideas, sharing our portfolio positions and perspectives and figuring out how to make money together. You see my tweets. That happens x100 daily in Tradezilla from members. We learn and then earn together.

The best options are what you decide to do. The community guides you on what they are trading . It’s up to you what to do with that information.

You won’t be trained. We strongly promote independent learning and we share resources to that end. You will be guided on the best resources to develop your own knowledge base. Fellow traders are always happy to answer questions but in the end it’s up to you to do your own work. It is your wealth you are managing after all.

Yup. Of course you can, we have hundreds of community members who are living around the world but have an interest in trading, if you are outside of Africa you can use any of the platforms available there. We are completely agnostic.

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Why Tradezilla

Embrace Micro Investing

Whether you have N50,000 or N1,000,000 to trade. The Tradezilla community will give you ideas, insight and education on what best strategies to deploy. Start protecting and growing your wealth. If you are conservative investor, this community isn’t for you.


Join The Conversation

Our community is the heart of Tradezilla. We discuss trading ideas and strategies. You are free to pick up what you want but the idea is to chat, share and learn. We don’t have time for monitoring spirits. We expect everyone to be engaged and to share.

Learn Together

The point of Tradezilla is to learn, find trading ideas and grow your wealth. We expect you to be better simply by being part of our community. You determine your ROI.

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